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Festival Entertainment

Unicyclists  Great for a circus themed event or as parking directors.  Keep the energy alive with the lively antics of our unicyclists.
$150 per hour
Fire Eaters  Entertainer with the ability to eat fire several times an hour.  Fire eating can be combined with walk around magic or juggling.  Entertainer will pass through the guests performing walk-around magic or juggling when not eating fire. All fire eating is done indoors only.
With or without combos is $235/hr
Our voice tossers entertain with non-stop fun and humorous dialogue.  Watch as their artful manipulation make these outrageous characters come to life.  The loveable and lively personalities are full of comedy, music, audience participation and are sure to leave a lasting impression.
                                    ½ hour: $275                        1 hour: $350

Yo-Yo Tricksters/Instructors
So you want something unique for your event? Ever wanted to master a yo-yo?  Well not only do our    Tricksters perform mind boggling yo-yo stunts but they will teach them to you.  Our professionals can give away yo-yo’s as gifts or prizes too!
$175 an hour   $3.00per person give away yo-yo
Staffing    Staff to help set up and assist with crowds.  A true asset to keep your event flowing effortlessly
$40 per hour per staff member
Balloon Sculptures  add a festive feel with our beautiful, custom designs which will bring attention to your event.             
Call for custom prices
Animal Balloons (non Costumed)
These are for events where there are more children than the average party.  Events like grand openings, picnics and street fairs.  These skilled performers do balloon sculptures at about 45-50 per hour


$125        premium $150 hr





Inflatable Jumps/obstacle courses
                                    Call for current prices
Jugglers          3-4-5 objects in the air at one time??? No problem for our seasoned jesters.  Whether mingling in the crowd as atmosphere or as a stand alone performance it’s always amazing and amusing.
Walk around $175 per hour    Stage show      Call for custom pricing 
Stilt-walkers High above your guests these talent stilt walkers are great for atmosphere and / as greeters.  We also have creative costumes including a living archway where the stilt walker is costumed as a ivy archway that the guests pass through.  Later the archway comes alive and greets the guests 9call for prices)
$175 per hour
Caricature Artists
World renowned artists will liven up your event by capturing your guests at their best.  Great idea as a party favor. 
$160 per hour (includes all supplies for 15-20 people)
Psychics          Learn your past, present or future in the most entertaining way with Tarot cards, Palm, Reading, Numerology, and more.
Table side or strolling $160 per hour (2 hour min)