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Body Art

Face & Body Painting

Airbrush tattoos are applied by spraying non toxic Acrylic paint through a stencil. The results are consistent, fast and waterproof. Unlike the 15 people per hour paint brush style, Airbrush can apply as many as 50 people per hour. With our exclusive pat pending system we can apply directly to the face, No Problem!


Airbrush with balloons and/or in costume

$125 an hour
$ 115 ea. add. hr.
$150 an hour

Henna In traditional tribal tattoo fashion our young henna artists, at your location will in a few, fun minutes will make you look like you spent many painful hours in a back alley tattoo shop.
Traditional Face Painting (non Costumed)
*Face painting is on any part of the body, not just the face. Some like it on their hands or arms

These are for events where there are more children than the average party. Events like grand openings, picnics and street fairs. These skilled performers do face painting at about 20 paintings per hour.







For larger events our AirBrush Face Painting can accommodate up 50 KIDZ an hour