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Themed Entertainment

Now, anyone can surf, anytime and anywhere* with the world's first patented dryland video surf simulators. Good for any sized event, from private parties to larger things like grand openings, street fairs, sporting events and trade shows.

You provide TV & power

$165/hour Simulator & attendant

We provide 26" TV

add $ 55 per event

We provide 50" TV

add $110 per event

We provide Generator

add $130 per event

*TV & power required.
Hula Dancers      Aloha to that.  Whether you want grass skirts or fire dancers we can get it all.  Call our office the next time you have a Hawaiian event to find out what we can do for you, Mahaolo.

Cowboys/Girls            Costumed staff to assist in your next western event.
$ 50 per hour
Whip Crackers            Just like the old west stunt show you will watch amazing feats of daring and bravery as the skill of the whip master takes a cigarette from his lovely assistant’s mouth.
Call for current prices
Magicians/Card Sharps           Enrich any Western theme with walk around or stationary old time Magic.  Watch your Guests as they are taken back to the old west with perfectly costumed card cheats.
1 hour                          $325* (2 hour min)
Flower Makers      Paper flowers made Mexican style.  The artists arrive in authentic Mexican attire as your guests watch them role and fold large sheets of tissue to create beautiful multi colored flowers.
Package includes 100 pre-started flowers that are finished on site.  $175/hour
Tortilla Makers      Dressed in native garb the entertainer makes hand rolled tortillas on site.  Your guests will enjoy eating these deliciously fresh cooked tortillas.*
$175/hr at roughly 50 tortillas an hour           *Client will provide portable stove.
Piñata Makers      Ever wonder how they make piñatas?  Ponder no more as your watch our artist makes them on site in true Mexican fashion. 
Package includes 3-4 small piñatas to keep and several large ones as display $175/hr
Belly Dancers       Romantic, entrancing, and sultry our beautiful belly dancers will be a hit at any event.
Call for current prices
Japanese Origami Makers/Teachers  In a centuries old tradition of paper folding our Origami sensei, in her authentic, kimono will make and teach your guests how to make dozens of beautiful pieces of art they take home as a keep sake.
Don’t see what you are looking for, please give us a call.  Remember “ if we can’t find it, it doesn’t exist”
Circus Acts
Fire Eaters  Entertainer with the ability to eat fire several times an hour.  Fire eating can be combined with walk around magic or juggling.  Entertainer will pass through the guests performing walk-around magic or juggling when not eating fire. All fire eating is done indoors only.
Fire Eating with or without combos is $235/hr

Acrobats         Cirque du Soleil type acts from Las Vegas.  From beautiful ladies who balance on balls to muscular men who balance each other.  If you need a unique performance or atmosphere, you can’t go wrong.
Call for current prices
Stilt Walkers              High above your guests these talent stilt walkers are great for atmosphere and / as greeters.  We also have creative costumes including a living archway where the stilt walker is costumed as a ivy archway that the guests pass through.  Later the archway comes alive and greets the guests 9call for prices)
$175 per hour
Unicyclists  Great for a circus themed event or as parking directors.  Keep the energy alive with the lively antics of our unicyclists.
$175 per hour

Our REAL BEARD Santas are as jolly as the original St. Nick.  Most of them have been performing as Santa Clause for over 15 years.  Their dedication to preserving the magic of Christmas will make any kidz face glow.

Ask about the Real “Psychic” Santa who knows the children's names and all about them.

Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elves: (12/24 or 12/25 extra charge)

Basic Santa   (50 or more children)
Real “Psychic” Santa
Skilled Elves  (face painting and/or balloons)
Unskilled Elves
Skilled Mrs. Claus (face painting and/or balloons)
Unskilled Mrs. Claus
Sexy, Unskilled Mrs. Claus


Santa: Home Visits:
Depending on time reserved and participating children, Santa brings candy canes or passes out gifts or Christmas carols or photos or stories (12/24 & 12/25 extra)

15 min
30 min
45 min
60 min

$ (Unavailable 12/24 & 12/25)
$ (Unavailable 12/24 & 12/25)

Santa Home Visits for 12/24 and 12/25

- 15 minutes
- 30 minutes 
 - NO 45 or 60 minutes for these dates!


Frosty      Dressed in a professional designed hand made costume have Frosty attend your holiday event.
$135 per hour
Easter Bunny

Open Face Skilled balloons and/or face painting


Basic walk around, line control, check in, etc.

$ /hr

Closed Face lead in Easter egg hunt, photo opportunities, etc.