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San Diego's Best Magicians for Parties & Events

Our Prestidigitators have the ability to amaze and amuse the most discriminating audiences.  All of our magicians have performed at Hollywood’s Magic Castle*, and most have won prestigious awards from their piers.  You may have seen some of them in Las Vegas or on your favorite cruise line.
If you want to see an Illusion show that would rival anything you've seen on TV call us.  If you want a pro to break the ice by strolling through your guests, blowing their minds with close up miracles.  If your needs are somewhere in between we have just the acts who have performed in the top venues around the U.SA.

* The Magic Castle is the most exclusive organization in the world.  Only 10% of Magicians are ever invited to perform there, only 1% ever receive awards.  Wow! That means you will get the crème de le crème at amateur prices.


Here is a preview of one of our magicians of the year!

Other Great Party & Event Entertainment We Provide