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San Diego's Best Hypnotists for Parties & Events

What is the best full evening’s entertainment, some one that will make you laugh until your side’s ache, a performance that is easy & worry free, an act your clients will rave about for weeks?  The answer is one of our award winning Hypnotists.  Whether you want to talk like and alien or watch your boss do his best Michael Jackson impression, no one can bring such excitement for so little effort.
The age old art of hypnosis has never been performed better than the world class hypnotists available through S.E.G.  We are very lucky to have Hypnotists that regularly perform in Comedy Clubs, Las Vegas show rooms, and your favorite Cruise Ships.  We guarantee a successful and unique show.

All you or your company needs for the most enjoyable night ever is a venue, some chairs, an imagination and one of our award highly acclaimed hypnotists.  Save time, money and stress with an act that requires next to nothing in preparation, yet plays big, very big.  And the icing on the cake is that the show is different each and every time.

Other Great Party & Event Entertainment We Provide